Teach Her How to Give You Incredible Head

Some women are masters of fellatio. Each of these maestros is a métier in this field and I would advise giving her no instruction whatsoever. If you get spectacular oral sex from your partner, don’t ask her to change a thing. If, on the other hand, your lady is unsure of her abilities and/or she’s told you that she would like some instruction and tips, this guide is for you.

You probably haven’t spent a lot of time looking at your own penis, but take a moment to do so. You will notice a point of juncture on the bottom of your member where the two ends of an irregular circle come together. If you aren’t circumcised, this will be the point where the foreskin is attached. This tiny area is likely the most sensitive spot on your entire body. Stimulation here will feel good.

For starters, tell her to spend time caressing your penis head and the areas immediately surrounding it. Beneath the head of the penis is the shaft of the penis. The shaft is less sensitive to touch, so less attention needs to be paid to it. Have her position herself so that her tongue is in direct contact with the split in your penis head and stimulate that area with a variety of motions –  circular, back and forth, side to side.

From there, have her put the head of your penis inside her mouth, but tell her NOT to tighten her lips around the shaft. Have her use her tongue and begin a circular motion around your head with the tip of her tongue. The head of your penis will slide to different places in your mouth as you continue the circle motion. It will feel awesome.

This technique is a great transition move between techniques and shouldn’t be used in isolation. It will be amazing at first, but after a little while it’ll get boring. She can also incorporate spinning her head back and forth like she’s in a Whitesnake video to add a little extra to the experience.

From there, she can try the basic task of stroking the penis orally. Tell her to take your erection in your mouth by sliding her moistened tongue over the head of your penis until her lips close around the shaft, going as far down as she can.

Because the shaft is relatively insensitive to most stimulation, the majority of the pleasure you will get comes from the head of your penis coming into contact with her tongue, the roof of her mouth and/or her throat. Tell her to focus less on stuffing as much of your penis in her mouth as she can and more on making sure there’s something touching the tip of your penis while it’s in her mouth.

If she’s looking for a good barometer of how she’s doing, tell her to watch your sack.When a man is in a relaxed state, his scrotum and testicles hang freely. As the state of arousal increases, the scrotum tightens and pulls the testicles closer towards the body.

Your state of arousal can be directly affected by manually and orally stimulating the scrotum. Tell her to massage, lick or suck your scrotum (or whatever you call it). If she’s not the adventurous type, you can tell her to rub it while she focuses her mouth on your penis.

If ejaculating too quickly is a problem in your relationship, she can actually take some control over the situation. While she shouldn’t cut off the flow entirely, she can reduce the flow of ejaculation by applying some pressure to your urethra, which is found along the entire base of your shaft.

In the next post there are some great tips to teach her how to deep throat.

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